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So excited to dive into this epic, magical space with you!


++ Below, you can find a little Foreplay that you can explore right away…++

YAY! You’re here!

Welcome to your next-level, Queen! 💸

YAY! You’re here!

Welcome to your next-level, Queen! 💸



Gorgeous, I’ve gathered some juicy foreplay for you!

My intention is for you to listen to these as often as possible as it’ll help you in reprogramming your brain so that you’ll basically breathe the Abundance Codes that you get to know in this space.

Listen now, listen tomorrow, listen every day, listen after the masterclass, … you get the idea.

Naturally, we spend a lot of time doing what we are used to doing (habit!), and in order to change how we show up and operate in our businesses, we need to create new habits that support us in doing what we desire to do, be and have.

So you choosing to listen to these often, you are already entering a new dimension, a dimension of pleasure, ease and abundance.

You choose if you are going to be one of those who listen once and then moving on with your life, or if you are going to be the one who truly devotes herself to this work – and keeps coming back to these materials to continue to change your reality.

You choose. Always.



This is a meditation / affirmation track that is infused with aaaall the abundance vibes.

If listening to this makes you feel good – listen as often as you can. Take it on the road with you, take it on your walk with you.

Let my words penetrate you as we re-wire your brain so that you naturally will pull more abundance into your life.


Here’s the playlist I’ve used for this: 

(Psst, I feel like I’d make a sick DJ, so I always like to share my playlists. In fact, typing this as I am standing at the kitchen counter raving to some old-school Christina Aguilera lol).




As I was connecting with what kind of foreplay I want to give you, this audio came to mind. It may not be directly related to the Abundance Codes we will be talking about, but how can we talk abundance if we don’t talk pricing?

Your prices are in direct relation with the financial abundance you manifest into your life. I had a feeling you may need to hear this audio in addition to the masterclass, so enjoy – and take action from it!

Questions mentioned in the audio:

*Which price is coming up spontaneously?

*How does my client benefit from my/this price?

*What becomes possible in the world through people paying this price for my offer?

*Who do I intend to become through selling this offer at that price point?

*Who can I become through selling this offer at that price point?

*Which price does my offer want to be to allow the greatest transformation for my clients?

Especially this last question can also help you detach a little more from your own limiting beliefs as the question isn’t involving you at all, but it’s just about what price the offer wants to be.