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Ditch the Self-Sabotage & Start BIG

Being a ’newbie biz owner‘ is a mindset. I want you to let go of this mindset, this identity right now.


Journaling prompts:

*Which stories am I currently telling myself around me ‚just starting out‘?

*Are these stories supporting me in any way? (Pssst, I already know: YES, they are keeping you in your comfort zone;))

*What am I afraid of when it comes to not being a ’newbie‘ anymore? Which things do I expect/fear to happen?

*What am I currently not doing in my business „because I’m not there, yet“?

*If I was already regularly getting clients and got a ton of feedback online, how would I show up differently than I do now?

*Now that I’ve decided that I’m starting BIG, what’s my orgasmic income goal for the next 6 months? (Unless you’re like „How the serious F am I going to reach THAT?!“, you need to pick a bigger number. In fact, you probably need to pick a bigger number anyway….)


 >> Remember: this is not about writing pretty things that sound good into your journal. This is about deep self-reflection. Let it hurt – and let it liberate you.