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Manifesting your next-level Self

tIf you want to quantum leap in your business right from the start, it’s all about operating from future-you, rather than from who you (think you) are today. It’s all about being clear on your next-level self and how they would show up in their business – and then actually doing exactly that. Unapologetically.

I know, it can be scary – but this is your fast track. Plus, it’s actually a lot of fun cause you get to do things you thought you wouldn’t do for a few months, or even years.


Journaling prompts:

*If I were already a millionaire and my business was a freaking empire, what would I do differently than I do today?

*How does my next-level self dress?

*How does my next-level self spend her mornings?

*How does my millionaire-self show up online? 

*How does future-me spend money? And how does she invest?

*Is my millionaire-self doing things I currently don’t allow myself to do? What are those? And which step can I take today to embody millionaire-me already?

 >> Remember: this is not about writing pretty things that sound good into your journal. This is about deep self-reflection. Let it hurt – and let it liberate you.


Example of a CEO Manifesto:

I am deeply devoted to the growth of my business for that I know that my work is absolutely transformative and literally life-changing.

I am not afraid to make big, bold moves – even when they feel scary. I know I can trust myself and the world is always (!) re-arranging itself in my favor.

I know that I can’t f*ck up my life’s mission – even if I tried. What’s meant for me will be there and I am commited to showing up as the person I know I am every single day.

I allow myself to fail forward. To make mistakes. Find ways that work…and that don’t work. I don’t overthink my next steps, but let my intuition guide me for that I know she’s always right.

I see myself as a successful business owner and I am so proud of the impact I am making every single day. I raise my prices, I do that livestream, I show up. For myself. My business. And every single person who is meant to experience my work.

I am the 1%. Those who really go after their dreams – knowing that it doesn’t have to be hard to make a huge impact and income. 

I do not settle once I hit a goal. I take time to celebrate and enjoy each milestone, but I also enjoy marinating myself in the next challenge.

I know and feel that every single desire I have lives inside of me for a reason. I know that it’s safe to take inspired action – even when my rational mind can’t seem to make sense of it. 

I deeply believe that the better I feel, the higher my impact and income. So I honor my wellbeing. I spend a lot of time taking care of myself. No bullsh*t bubble-bath-and-face-mask-self-care, but real selfcare that nurtures my heart and mind. 

I face my sh*t and I own it. I know everyone has that little saboteur in their mind. I know to listen, and to always recalibrate to what I know I came here to do.

I know I am here for something bigger than myself. Something that will live way past my time and impact thousands…millions of lives!

I am the woman who walks first. A (thought) leader. An innovator. 

I love and trust myself. And my daily actions are a clear and juicy reflection of that.